what is surrogacy In 2024 | what is surrogacy process?

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what is surrogacy

what is surrogacy

Becoming a mother is the happiest moment in every woman’s life. But for some women who are unable to have a child due to some reason, surrogacy is a great option. Now let us see the detailed information about what surrogacy is.

what is surrogate mother?

Simply put, surrogacy is the taking of a woman’s fetus on loan. When a couple of rents a woman’s embryo to give birth to a child, it is called surrogacy. A woman who carries another couple’s child in her womb is called a surrogate mother. In surrogacy, a woman becomes pregnant for a couple herself or through a donor egg. There are two types of surrogacy.

what is surrogacy pregnancy?

Traditional surrogacy

In traditional surrogacy, the father’s or a donor’s sperm is combined with the surrogate mother’s egg. Then the doctor artificially releases this sperm into the surrogate woman’s uterus. Due to this, these sperms reach the uterus of the pregnant woman without any obstacles. After that, the baby grows in the womb of the surrogate mother for nine months. A surrogate woman is simply the biological mother of the baby. If a donor’s sperm is used instead of the father’s sperm, the father is also not genetically related to the baby.

Gestational surrogacy

In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate woman is not even biologically related. That is, the X of the surrogate mother is not used. In this surrogacy, the father’s sperm and the mother’s X are released into the surrogate woman’s uterus. Therefore, the sperms of the real parents are used. Only that baby is raised in the surrogate mother’s womb.

The process of pregnancy surrogacy is a little more complicated and involves the use of the IVF method. Gestational surrogacy is considered more prevalent in all IVF centers in India. This also reduces the risk of future conflict between the surrogate mother and the baby. That is, the surrogate mother cannot claim the baby. Often couples who opt for surrogacy keep a surrogate mother with them. The surrogate mother’s medical expenses as well as living expenses are done by the couple.

There is no restriction on whether the surrogate woman can be an acquaintance or a stranger. Commercial surrogacy is banned in India. Commercial surrogacy means paying a surrogate mother.

Medical tests

In surrogacy, your child grows in the womb of another woman. Therefore, it is also necessary to undergo medical tests of the surrogate mother from time to time. Just like the fitness test or medical conditions of any pregnant woman comes first, BP or sugar level comes first, all the tests are also done on the surrogate mother. Also if they have thyroid or any other problem also go first.

Rules and laws related to surrogacy in India
  • 1) The surrogate mother has no rights over the baby born through surrogacy.
  • 2) By law, the couple who has opted for surrogacy is considered to be the parents of the child.
  • 3)Commercial surrogacy has been completely banned in India due to the widespread misuse of surrogacy.
  • 4) The woman who wanted to be a surrogate mother should be married today.
  • 5) The age of the surrogate mother should be between 25 to 30 years.
  • 6) The surrogate mother should be physically and mentally fit. The woman should have a certificate for this.
  • 7) Apart from the surrogate mother’s medical expenses and insurance coverage, no other expenses are taken from the couple.
  • 8) Surrogate mother can be only once in her lifetime. Earlier it could be done three times but now it has been reduced to only one surrogate mother.
  • 9) A contract is made between the surrogate mother and the couple who want a child through surrogacy. Only then is the option of surrogacy available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a surrogate mother get pregnant?

Conception is achieved through in vitro fertilization (IVF). A woman who wishes to become a surrogate mother is usually inseminated with the father’s sperm through Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). Donor sperm can also be used in this procedure.

Are surrogate babies healthy?

Surrogates have a proven track record of healthy pregnancies, which often makes surrogacy more likely to be successful than fertility treatments for intended parents.

Does a baby born through surrogacy look like a surrogate mother?

No, a baby born through surrogacy does not look like a surrogate mother. A baby born through a surrogacy procedure has a combination of the physical characteristics (appearance) of the egg and sperm donor. Because the baby’s DNA only comes from the egg and sperm used to create the embryo, not the surrogate.

So today I have been you what is surrogacy in Marathi (What is surrogacy?) If you have any doubts about this then write in the comment box I will definitely try to answer your questions.

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